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Near Volgograd the loose woman has declared rape to justify before the husband

on August, 27th inhabitant Frolovo, to put it mildly, has stayed out late. Was home for a midnight, there she was met by the furious spouse. On a natural question: « You where were » the woman has not thought up the best answer, than to tell that her have raped. A pier, came back home from work, it is unexpected from bushes the man has jumped out and has abuseed over the poor thing.

  the Frightened man there and then was converted into police. The loose woman continued to insist on the and has written the application, truth, without having specified the prospective tyrant. When medical examination has not revealed violence signs, the woman have driven into the corner. Under pressure of incontestable proofs of its lie, she has confessed. It actually has gone on a spree that evening with the lover, having exchanged a matrimonial bed for a soft grass at a booth near to the house.

« Now concerning the woman   Have filed criminal charges for a false denunciation. To it has still carried that in the statement the concrete tyrant has not been specified, differently it would be expected by more strict punishment » - Oleg Levin, the head Frolovsky MRSO has commented on SOU SKR on area.