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Policemen have found the predator in Kuzbas on to a smile

in the Late evening Berezovsky`s inhabitant went to the father. The young man has taken benzopilu that in the morning to help the father to saw fire wood. Suddenly about it the car in which three guys went has stopped. They left the car and began to lift up the man. Probably, young men would like to recoup on someone. But the man on provocation did not give in, trying to go the own way and not to pay to their causticities of attention. Then one of them has started to beat the guy, others remained spectators. As a result the Trinity has selected at the hackneyed passer-by benzopilu and has disappeared.

- Having reached the father, the guy has informed about all in police, - has told « » the inspector of department of the information and public relations GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Kemerovo region Tatyana Eremenko. – From - for a night-time, the victim has not remembered neither make of the car, nor its colour, what or signs of predators. But has remembered that the one who beat him, the full-faced blonde with a characteristic smile. On his face there was at all a smile, and such contemptious – an animal grin.

Fulfilling a circle of suspects, field investigators left for this Trinity. Having seen them, policemen have understood at once: it they also are – on the person of the blonde there was all the same malicious smile reminding an animal grin.

the Blonde could not explain to policemen, what for it has beaten the person. Benzopilu have returned to the owner, and the owner of a remarkable smile is waited by court. Concerning it have filed criminal charges under article « a robbery ».