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How much on the eve of September, 1st flowers for first-graders?

who has thought up tradition to go on September, 1st to school necessarily with a bouquet - it is not known. The fact that at grammar-school boys of such tradition was not, and at the Soviet school - was decades. Also has smoothly passed to Russia modern. Without colours in school becomes decently only a class from the seventh, and that basically scorn bouquets of the boy. And pervoklashka without a bouquet - it is exact nedoukomplektovannyj.  

Most pervoklashkin a bouquet - certainly, gladioluses. They this year are on sale in Vladimir beautiful, high-quality: all colours and styles, there are even terry. But - it is exclusive grannies at stops, in flower pavilions of gladioluses is not present, and many sellers add: Also does not happen .  

the Price of an unpretentious bouquet from three gladioluses - 200 - 250 roubles. If flowers large and unusual - 300 - 350 roubles. Bouquets from three gladioluses of different colour - such on 30 - 50 roubles are especially popular this year more expensively. For five gladioluses ask 500 roubles, but buyers in turn do not become - to give poltyshchi for disposable beauty aspires nobody.

Schoolboys postrashe will accept also bouquets easier: asters, chrysanthemums, carnations. A bouquet of usual asters at the same grannies - 30 - 40 roubles, high-quality, yes complete with green branches - from 50 roubles.  

Chrysanthemums and carnations are in assortment in flower pavilions. The magnificent large chrysanthemum - 90 - 120 roubles for a branch, is easier and more modest - 40 - 50 roubles. A carnation - from 30 roubles a piece. And, at last, for especially favourite teachers - smart roses on 100 - 150 roubles for a piece.

By the way, today why - that the militia especially actively drives the grandmas trading at stops. On a broader scale - that there and truth trade is forbidden, but on the eve of September, 1st it is very convenient to buy bouquets at a stop. .