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Five children have suffered in the turned over car in Primorski Krai

Yesterday, on August, 22nd you result of one failure have suffered at once seven persons, including five children. 32 - the summer woman at the wheel motor vehicles « Mazda Tribute » went from settlement Livadija in a settlement Dushkino direction. On difficult turn it has not managed to drive. The car has taken off after the journey for a ditch and has turned over. In salon, except the driver were 6 more person. Have suffered all. Has most worse got 60 - to the summer woman. Doctors have found out in it a head injury and a backbone. The others have got off with easy bruises and houses are treated.

And in Shkotovsky area in a ditch « has parked » the car which the young man who does not have the driver`s licence operated.

- road accident has occurred on 5 km of a highway « Vladivostok – the Find – novonezhino »: 20 - the summer driver has not managed to drive and has made congress in a ditch. As a result of failure the motorist was traumatised in a foot, - informs a press - traffic police UMVD service across Primorski Territory.