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In the Pskov area to large families can help to construct houses on the allocated ground areas

Today in Pushkin Mounts the assistant to the governor Sergey Pernikov holds meeting with Heads of municipal areas and city districts.

realisation of the law of area « became One of the first questions as informs a press - the centre of regional administration; About granting to the citizens, having three and more children, the ground areas in territory of the Pskov area ».

With the report the chief of the Main government of social protection of the Pskov area Armen Mnatsakanjan has acted.

It has reminded that according to the law, the citizens having of three and more children, have the right to unitary free granting in the property of the ground areas which are located in territory of area and being in the property of region, municipalities, and also from among the ground areas the state ownership on which is not differentiated, for individual housing construction.

He has noticed that its department will act as a uniform window at work with the citizens having the right to reception of the ground area.

Sergey Pernikov, has in turn underlined that the given measure is directed on a demographic development of the region that is why all heads of municipal areas and city districts should pay attention of realisation of the corresponding law.

Thus he has added that many of large families have no means for habitation building on already allocated sites.

In this connection Sergey Pernikov recommended to heads of municipalities to think over measures doppodderzhki, speech can go about building of the house, the help in mortgage reception.

It also has charged to carry on negotiations with investors and builders who could render to areas assistance in engineering maintenance of the ground areas.    


All in the Pskov area 3 thousand 600 large families , live the majority of them in Pskov ( nearby 600) and Velikie Luki ( more than 230 families ).