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In Samara the policeman has saved life of the woman and has received a bullet in a foot

On the inhabitant of Samara have filed criminal charges under article « application of violence, life-threatening and health, concerning the representative of the power ». This history has occurred on August, 21st about ten o`clock in the evening near the house 18 on the Moscow highway. The woman in the street shouted. Rare passers-by turned off in a court yard not to interfere with fight. That day pravoohranitel there was a day off. And only the ensign of police OVO of 1 Managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Samara has come to the rescue of the woman. The policeman has from afar seen that the man holds the woman by the hand and a throat and is not going to release. Yury Slepyh has run up to the malefactor with the requirement to release the woman. At this time she has managed to escape from hands of the attacking. Having shouted to the defender « At it a pistol! » the victim has rushed nautek. The malefactor has run was trace, but the policeman has seized it behind. The man has escaped and has directed a pistol barrel to a head pravoohranitelju. That has seized the weapon by a trunk and has directed it downwards, but   the criminal has had time to press a cock. The bullet has got to a foot Blind. It still some time continued to pursue the offender, but has soon felt that weakens and has called a reinforcement. The malefactor have detained and have withdrawn from it a traumatic pistol. And the Savior of the townswoman has got to hospital where to it have performed operation. The wound has appeared harmless, informs oblguvd.