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Opel prepared socks to winter " obuvke "

Whether “footwear“ as many refer to as wheels, a question excessive is necessary to the car and idle - without them any vehicle is not capable to move a little, turned to real estate in literal sense of this word. But avtomobilestroitelnaja company Vauxhall - such is the name of a known German brand on British isles - went further away, inventing an accessory which will be for certain demanded in the conditions of severe winter.

English separation of autoconcern of Opel developed - and plans shortly to start in a batch production very useful invention - special “winter noses“ (Snow Socks) for automobile tyres which in case of a sudden snowfall help drivers to reach in the necessary point even on summer rubber.

everyone Snow Sock represents the protective cover executed from a special finned fabric mounted over a wheel, writes REGNUM. Cost of complete set Snow Socks constitutes in a rouble equivalent about 3 thousand

we Remind, during working visit to Germany the prime minister of the Russian Federation V.Putin at a meeting with heads of the German industry reminded top-managers of Opel, whose company still has not the most easy times as a part of concern GM about a capability of other succession of events in case of sale of a motor-car manufacturer to the kanadsko-Russian consortium.

in the latter case automobile “noses“ quite could find wide application for domestic motorists who with pleasure would spare on replacement of summer rubber in the conditions of snow winter.