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Entertainments of blondes-night-birds in Chevrolet Aveo

Night. An industrial zone of the Russian capital. Two blondes stop coming up of darkness tonirovannyj the car. Behind the dipped glass in the confused smile the person of the visitor from the next southern republic blurs. « I am sorry, do not exchange 50 copecks? » - one of girls enters them into the uttermost stupor the question.

moths offer the services? And, can, gop-stop? While girls distract attention, from bushes run out « the Mask-shows » with automatic control units? Or now reaches « Stop! It is lifted! » from a loud hailer of the producer of the next insurgent about Russian mafia?

in practice – fulfilment spetszadanija a quest organised by company GM Russia and Autoclub of Chevrolet Aveo. In the evening on Friday of journalists and Aveo-owners enticed into restaurant « Smokes » that on the Sofia quay.

the mood on a muster station left much to be desired. Some started to drive in a dream, and the prospect to go under any tasks vivacity did not add till 3 oclock. The organism exhausted with working week demanded some coffee and power drinks.

after assembly of documents, organizers gave the task to invent a title. There and then my consciousness nostalgia on childrens camp with the pioneers-leaders seized, the first group « Friendship » the third – « Swallows » …

« the Small brush!! » - my colleague cried out.

« Asfaltoukladchitsy! » - deciding not to yield to competitors in a creative, our command of two girls-blondes, was stopped on related autojournalism of a profession.

with the first task we were tormented twenty minutes when on all quest 3 hours were retracted. The part of the solved riddle enticed on any warehouse the house 1, a body 6 and demanded to bring a title of a bar code from the task in metal. That it could mean well in any way did not occur. We were seized by feeling of despair, and all navjazchivee became desire to pass away vecherok in any cafeteria behind a coffee cup.

last hope of continuation of evening in the company from Chevrolet Aveo remained only on a certain Johnny who distributes helps. Mysterious « warehouse » it appeared street Skladochnaja. The easy ray of hope was punched through gloomy mood.

in a dark lane the most part « was already bowsed in; ours » the met organizers there and then advised to search for 48 copecks. The prime a code from the task as it appeared, belonged to a known title of ice-cream. After an episode with visitors from the near abroad described in the beginning of the article, we refused to search for a trifle at passers-by, secretly made the way on the next task – go-cart racing.

Having loaded by adrenaline after 10 minutes on a line kartodroma « 10 inches » We were directed on the following task for the area with clowns that in Color parkway.

behind game and passion the consciousness changes, there is a feeling of permissiveness, we nearly by-pass on a red signal of a light signal, we amuse a grey flow of motorists, answering their inquisitive glances. Chevrolet Aveo appeared our good workmate, manoeuvrable for driving on city jungle. Mechanic transmission together with 101 – with the strong engine in time answered pressing of a pedal of gas. And we already and forgot to think of a cup of coffee and power, faster to reach a place.

on the area before circus in Color parkway we were waited already by grinning employees GM Russia, organizers of a quest, bright orange tapers and the machine on radio control. « one turns away and operates, another – speaks where to go » - the co-ordinator gave the task. I, and the workmate &ndash was eyes; control. Somehow all obstacles have been overcome, to us gave the new task. By the way in due course they began to be solved on « time-two ».

Walking on the Observation desk on Friday night became witnesses of test drive kontsepta new Chevrolet, presumably, Tahoe. The most harmless in the world. However, pumped up design and strength of a body. A cardboard – not the best material though assemble the car any interested person can, and Chevrolet logo draws any predstvitel GM Russia. The Engine output - two human forces, fuel – bread, salt and meat, whenever possible. A kit of functions - the most intellectual: a changeable road gleam, the built-in navigator, and the main thing – with automatic povyshatelem moods to itself and associates. Tears from laughter of the engine change stekloomyvajushchuju a fluid.

speak, girls and furthermore blondes, understand nothing in cars. « For fulfilment of the task it is required to you of knowledge of the device of the car » - our persons held down an attack of uncertainty to itself. This part of a quest became a call of all mans part of the population.

for fulfilment of tasks we were shared, I answered questionnaire questions, and the workmate acquired the engine.

as soon as I answered questions of the test on Chevrolet company, there and then heard roar of the acquired engine. To acquire the engine a classical method here as it appeared, it was not required. It was necessary to indicate all details of the car which participate in this process. My workmate coped with the task of seconds for 20. Never being mistaken, than frankly shocked « examiners ». The previous command from men did not cope with the task in the stowed term of 45 seconds.

last task fetched us on the Marsh area then we departed to expect tallying of results. The race cup got to a command « the Small brush » Amusing once again all the title, and we happy departed on houses.