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Kia Cerato Test drive: Ceratą the Korean

Notes only seven, quantity of letters is limited by alphabet frameworks. How to create, create new in so rigid frameworks?

it is possible, there is other way of development. Take appearance of new Kia Cerato: anything fresh in it is not present, but who tells, what the family sedan on-korejski is not entered in megacity surroundings?! And a remake of other « the Japanese » or « the german » the machine you will not call.

so means - success?

to Admit, on a photo the car looks better, than in life. When the press-services stocked journalists with the first images, on them there was other machine: aggressive, hardly angular, weightier, whether that. It is possible to argue long as reached such effect as chose the necessary aspect angle, hadled photos, but here on a question « what for? » to answer not difficultly. Certainly, not to be lost (let and virtually) against European competitors who model from model become all massivnej, and press on the potential buyer not only stars EuroNCĄP and selection of motors, but also in a crowd design « counters ».

When the car is in focus not the camera, and an eye retina, from the Korean aggression does not remain also a track. But there are pleasant laconic lines and the verified proportions which obviously did not get to last generation Cerato. And if only proportions – so after all and in a place increased! Mainly for luggage (volume of 415 l.) And on a drivers place hardly became more spacious.

however, the last – the merit is faster than human engineering, and new corporate style of Kia. What it, interior Cerato? « New, modern, unique » is from the press release which pays attention to well readable, stylish devices in deep « wells » (they and truth such), qualitative materials of furnish (not everywhere) and bright design solutions. We marked an elbow room lack (that and look – you will call in on an arm of the fellow traveller!) Poorly sprofilirovannye seats and a steering wheel « from a skin » but without rising tides in a zone of the successful fellow. But pleased worthy quality of assembly that is characteristic for the majority of modern Kias.

the main claim on visibility – the huge rear quarter pillar overlapping a significant coverage area at motion, for example, by a backing. Remember lessons in driving school: it is necessary to be oriented on mirrors! Which, by the way, absolutely small.

of motor Cerato got hold at the neighbour in a class of Kia with ’ eed and to abuse (no less than to praise) this aggregate of special desire is not present. We begin with a positive – the motor quite goes on the one and six. It is necessary to overcome short first transfer, and here you already on a wave of any torque are selected to a mark 4500 on a tachometre.

it is final, tjazhelovat Cerato for 156 newton-metres. It is felt first of all on the braked reaction to an accelerator and slow raskruchivaniju a crankshaft that provokes a notable pause between « pressed » and « went ». Normal behaviour for a small-displacement city hatch-back, but from a sedan by in 600 000 involuntarily you wait bolshego.

In remaining the engine demanded some psychological adaptation. In selection of transfers of 124 not elastic horsepowers do not forgive errors, leaving the driver in some stress. If you will get used to imposed to you the car to a nonaggressive manner of driving then, probably, you will value the sensitive, sharp brakes which practically do not have a hunting action, and as a bonus you will receive tjazhelovatyj the control surface which not so has been not deprived of feedback. The landing gear new

can quite wear Kia Cerato and more high-power power plant – for example, 2.0 or even 2.4-litre motors which are accessible to buyers in the USA. To us while remains « To enjoy » the weakest version, rejoicing unless to the low stated fuel rate – 6.6 litres in the commixed motion cycle.

not so long ago in interview to our log-book the general director « Hyundai the Motor of the CIS » Kerry Cho, told about gain strategy by the Korean producer of the Russian buyer. The essence was brought together to the following: to manufacture some innovations and simultaneously to ice the prices, thereby let without increasing, but saving « pre-crisis » a market share. A resources on it is, and further supposedly loyalty raise, image reinforcing, and look, a year or two from now « … from a taiga to the British seas of Hyundai and Kia of all is stronger ». Whether

Strenghtens Kia Cerato image of the company? Today the model is perceived as « not so cheaply, yet prestigiously »: with such approach the Russian prospects are foggy.

But if to remember that the same recognised leader of a golf class of Ford Focus for last months changed the price label more often, than the Eurovision scene – initiators it is easy to guess that the alignment of forces can change even faster.

the car is granted on the test by the company « Autocenter the Aurora » the official dealer of Kia