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ZAZ Chance does not leave Chevrolet Lanos of chances

The new Ukrainian brand ZAZ Chance earlier known to the Russian motorists as the popular best seller of an economy class of Chevrolet Lanos, for schitanye weeks of “dwelling“ on a domestic car market, restricts the former brand, pravoobladanija which remains behind General Motors.

successful debut Chance (since July 1061 copy is implemented already) is caused by that this car which was earlier on sale under a brand of Chevrolet Lanos, is presented in the Russian market 3 years and deserved trust of consumers. An important role price positioning of the car &ndash played also; with change of a trade mark it became cheaper (more than on 50 thousand rbl. for similar pickings) that became possible thanks to conditions of long-term cooperation ZAZa and “Kvingrup“, the director for marketing of company “Ęâčíăđóď“ Ekaterina Berezy speaks.

Thus, most expensive Chance (a sedan 1.5 SX, 295 thousand rbl.) It appeared more cheaply Chevrolet Lanos in a basic set (a sedan 1.5 S, 310150 rbl.) . Thus price band Chance begins from 289 thousand rbl. for cars with the 1,3-litre engine which on Chevrolet Lanos were not installed. According to E.Berezy, cars with the 1,3-litre motor constitute the basis of sales – on them 62 % of realisation are necessary. Besides, unlike Chevrolet Lanos new Chance it is presented and in a body “hatchback“ – their share on model sales reaches 21 %.

Successful exit Chance on the market would not take place without the advanced dealer network, marks E.Berezy. For today it actuates 80 trading-service centres across all Russia, 30 more dealers are already accepted and begin sales the next month, 63 dealers wait for considering, writes “Avtostat“. Till the end of the year “Kvingrup“ plans to expand a dealer network a minimum to 150 working enterprises.

we Remind that since July, 1st, 2009 ZAZ terminated production and deliveries of Chevrolet Lanos for GM-DAT the CIS, and now similar cars are presented in the Russian market under brand Chance. Meanwhile, sales of Chevrolet Lanos of the Zaporozhye production still exceed volumes of realisation Chance – in August it has been sold 1388 Lanos.

Till the end of the year the Russian dealers of Chevrolet plan to sell remainders of cars of Chevrolet Lanos then this model in Russia will not be on sale, the director for public relations GM CIS Sergey Lepnuhov told. Next year Chevrolet presents “adequate replacement“ Lanos – it will be the car in the same price band, answering to criterion “reliable quality for moderate price“.

As to the further prospects Chance in the Russian market, till the end of this year “Kvingrup“ calculates to sell 20 thousand cars, in 2010 to increase realisation to 50 thousand And in 2011 – to 80 thousand machines. Already in the middle of the next year the company plans to begin sales restyling model Chance which will differ new optics, a glass cover, kuzovnymi the details reversed by an interior and a metre panel. As the main competitors Chance in the Russian market in “Kvingrup“ consider models of Daewoo Nexia and Renault Logan.