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Toyota opens tuning division

The new department becomes analogue world renowned Mercedes AMG, BMW M and other factory tuning studio.

more recently Volkswagen declared opening of new subdivision « R » which will be engaged in development of more high-power, sports versions of cars. After germans similar department decided to open Japanese Toyota. As Lexus already successfully is engaged in extension « loaded » modifications of cars of a series « F ».

On the Tokyo showroom of Toyota exhibited some unique cars which serially are not effected yet. On each of them it was possible to see a new logo « G » which itself Toyota interprets as « Toyota G Sports ».

so the new department of the company is called, whose task is development of improvements and special spare parts for all lineup of the producer. Here enter both stylings-packages, and improvements of characteristics of the car, and sports accessories.

the first results of activity of department « G » it will be possible to see in the summer of 2010. The producer assures, what exactly the first car will be ready to this term.

that will distinguish Toyota G from similar departments of other producers? Unlike AMG, M-series of BMW and other, Toyota will offer clients rather flexible capabilities on an individualization of cars. In Toyota G Sports it will be possible to book any details separately: a weather-cloth, suspension details, elements of interior and other.

to G Sports at Toyota were Modelista and TRD, but as regular tuners of Toyota them did not consider. Modelista basically is engaged bodikitami, and TRD delivers spare parts for « transmission gains » cars. G Sports will develop high-power cars for city usage. Will cost However, such cars even more expensively, than Modelista.

it is quite possible that TRD, Modelista and G Sports will tightly co-operate and develop some models jointly. Besides G Sports looks narrowly at racing command Gazoo Racing, Toyota command in Japanese series GT.

For today G Sports already work over special versions of models FT-86 (serially it is not manufactured yet), Mark X (only the Japanese market) and Prius (is on sale officially in Russia).

It seems that Toyota it is resolutely toned, to change the appearance and to give to it sportivnosti.