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In Russia sales of new Lexus RX450h began

The new hybrid off-road car of a premium-class can be found in interiors of official dealers of the brand of Lexus.

official sales of Lexus RX450h in territory of Russia today began. New RX 450h received system of a hybrid drive gear of Lexus of second generation. The improvements introduced to each detail of system of hybrid drive gear RX 450h, allowed to achieve increase in power to 299 h.p. and losses of flow of fuel to 6.3 l on 100 km, and also level of blowouts CO2 to 148/km

decreased considerably the car interior Changed also. The panel of devices is shared on two zones: upper « an informational zone » includes system of projection of indications of devices on a windshield, the 8-inch multipurpose Zhk-display; lower « an operational zone » it is intended for control of various systems, it actuates multi-function switches on a steering wheel and remote control system Remote Touch.

Innovative remote control system Remote Touch works like the computer mouse: the cursor « it is attracted » to an icon, allows the user to transfer easily the cursor on the 8-inch colour Zhk-display for the control over an audiosystem, navigation system, climate control, phone and options of systems of the car. In a windshield underhung portion, at level of eyes of the driver, white colour projects main specifications of the panel of devices: speed of motion of the car, navigational data with route instructions, audiosystem condition. On a navigational hard disk it is possible to create library of sound recordings, using technology CDDB, for transfer and storage of musical files in total amount to 10 Gb. The Navigational is equipped by the renovated function of recognition of a voice in which four additional languages are added, actuating Russian, and also the menu mapped in 14 languages, including Cyrillics.

Recommended retail prices on Lexus RX 450h: from 2 720 000 rbl. to 3 045 000 rbl. depending on picking.

in Japan hybrid Lexuss RX are known as Toyota Harrier. And Harrier differ a complete hybrid drive gear (on one motor on each wheel). That it is impossible to tell about Lexus in which it is necessary on a motor on an axis.