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Money for a butt: Lada Granta rose in price before start in a series

The new budgetary car of the Volga car factory constructed on platform Lada Kalina which changes on the conveyor of “ancestor“ - Lada Kalina, will cost more expensive, the it has been declared earlier, not less, as on $1000. The Top-manager of the enterprise explains a car rise in price, to this positioned as a car with the most democratic price, the that Granta is the car of “new generation“.

the President of AUTOVAZ Igor Komarov stated that in retail the machine arrives at the price about 220 thousand roubles though earlier it has been stated that the innovation price constitutes 190 thousand roubles.

Besides, it is declared that “relief“ Lada Kalina will be manufactured only in two bodies - “sedan“ and a hatchback “Production of new model begins with a sedan which changes similar kuzovnuju modification Lada Kalina. Thus Kalina in versions“ the hatchback “and“ the versatile person “remain on the VAZ conveyor. Approximately after a year in production hatchback Granta will be started. Demand for category “station wagons“ low-cost covers Kalina.

model Extension will be executed in three versions of picking, as well as in all VAZ rule: “standard“, “norm“ and “suite“.

the Vice-president of AUTOVAZ Artem Fedosov also acknowledged new price Granta, marking that it is recommended retail price of model.

we remind that the French autoconcern of Renault expressed desire to gain a platform of VAZ innovation in case of its commercial success in the domestic market and to organise its production for realisation in Third World countries.