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Cadillac SRX 2010: attractive alternative of fans of crossovers

New SRX belongs to the class srednerazmernyh of magnificent crossovers which will be presented on North American international autoshow next week.

SRX 2010 modelling years differ unsurpassed efficiency, offering on selection two hi-tech six-cylinder engines, for the first time installed on Cadillac. Both differ the minimum working volume to measures of the United States. The new 3-litre V-shaped 6-cylinder engine is offered in regular equipment, and 2,8-litre turbirovannyj V-6 - as additional. In engines found the application of the technology, allowing to receive a high casting loose which is characteristic for motors of great volume. Direct fuel injection reduces blowouts of hydrocarbons for 25 percent.

AWD includes differential of the increased friction with electronic control of last generation (eLSD) which breaks out torque not only between rear wheels, but also between front and rear axiss. Basically, this system allocates the moment on requirement, therefore introduces the additional contribution to stability at motion on damp and ice-covered covers.

thanks to broad gauge SRX 2010 was expediently differs ottochennostju reactions and ease of control. The car has five places, spacious, magnificent interior and a volume baggage compartment, it can tow a trailer in weight to 3500 pounds (1587 kgs).

SRX has a broad gauge, the minimum overhangs, and wheels are placed « on corners ». 18-inch wheel disks are delivered in regular equipment, and 20-inch are offered under the booking. Falling lateral lines of a body gradually are shown, amplify and reach the culmination outcome in a point of jointing with the chromeplated plates of air ducts which are on front fenders. These plates, in turn, « are cut » lateral repeaters of turn indicators. The rear spoiler integrated into a roof gives to outlines of a body softness and smoothness, and also improves aerodynamic properties of the car.

on the integrated central console control keys by a microclimate and an audiosystem, and the navigational display « are disposed; leaves » from the control panel. The attention to trifles and details in SRX is stressed expressed what even the firm logos of Cadillac traced on plates of front thresholds, are highlighted at the moment of opening of doors.

SRX 2010 differs numerous foremost electronic systems. To key solutions it is necessary to attribute: The sliding navigational display, allowing to inject about the 3-dimensional image; adaptive system of head illumination which turns head lamps synchro with steering wheel turning movement; a door of a baggage compartment with the electric drive of rise and position resettings on altitude; a built-in drive gear of a hard disk for storage of audio of files; entertaining system for the rear passengers, consisting of two displays.

« heart » SRX is new, the low-consumption engine 3,0L V-6 with direct fuel injection which makes 260 horsepowers (193 kw) and is aggregated with a 6-step automatic transmission. As a result of application of system of direct fuel injection power and fuel efficiency grew, blowouts of toxic substances were shrank - all it managed to be reached at smaller volume of the engine. It is expected that new engine V-6 raises a standard power level for SRX on 5 horsepowers at a fuel loss of flow for 10 percent.

3-litre V-6 with direct fuel injection represents the moderated copy of the engine in volume 3,6 which is installed on sports sedans CTS and in 2009 log-book Wards Automotive it is called by one of 10 best engines. Besides technology of direct fuel injection, the 3-litre motor is equipped with a control system of phases of a gas distribution for the purpose of raise of power, fuel efficiency and drop of blowouts of hazardous substances.

Hydra-Matic 6T70 is a six-step automatic transmission which helps to conserve fuel by drop of an operating frequency of rotation of a crankshaft of the engine during motion with constant speed on a line. At the same time, the gear-shifting capability manually allows the driver to operate the car and to switch transfers voluntarily. On new SRX the mode " is provided; eco mode " changing the moments of a gear-shifting with a view of the maximum fuel conservaition.

systems of security SRX are created for protection of passengers to, during the moment and after emergency. In addition to reinforced body arrangement and the suspension which swallow energy of blow, in box beams it is used martensitnaja a steel. It is one of the strongest and helps to protect a body from breaking down during angle collisions, and also ensures preserving of its integrity at face-to-face crashes and blows behind.

Besides, SRX conforms to the European standards on protection of pedestrians, its front bumper is disposed practically at level of bumpers of other cars.

the beginning of extension SRX 2010 modelling years are planned on the second quarter 2009. After this the car appears in a dealer network.