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New Volkswagen Scirocco manages to Russians in 939 tys rub

New Scirocco combines new design and the current technologies, such as: 6-step gear box DSG and low-consumption engine TSI with direct injection, a turbocompressor and a gear-driven blower.

new 6-step gear box DSG is more convenient, fast, economic and sports technology, than other systems of a gear-shifting. And a highly effective combination of engines TSI to automatic transmission DSG, " undoubtedly, is unique " zajavlet the press-service of the company of Volkswagen. The potential of the given technology is ideally reflected in a combination of 6-speed gear box DSG and engine TSI of last generation by power of 200 h.p., the consumption constitutes 7,7 litres of fuel on 100 km.

thus, despite sports character, the car it is robust and capacious: four adults will feel in it comfortable. Scirocco differs the maximum security and a practicality which are characteristic for all cars of the brand of Volkswagen.

in the Russian market model Scirocco appears in May of this year. The car will be accessible with petrol engines TSI with direct fuel injection by power of 118 kw/ 160 h.p. and 147 kw/ 200 h.p. Thus the prices on Scirocco in Russia constitute 939,141 thousand rub for 1,4 TSI 6-Gang, 1 005, 638 thousand rub for 1,4 TSI DSG-7, and 1148,576 tys rub for 2,0 TSI DSG-6.