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Porsche applies for a rank of “fastest“

New Porsche 911 GT-9R can leave behind and Bugatti Veyron and SSC Ultimate Aero TT and other competitors.

forget about all superpenalties about which heard earlier. The German company 9ff announced the long-awaited project. Porsche GT9-R has every chance to become the fastest car in the world. After a year of expectation, 9ff all the same declared the characteristic of this model and showed the newest photos.

under cowling GT9-R 4-litre engine Boxer by power of 1120 h.p., capable to accelerate the car to 100 km/h of all for 2,9 seconds will be installed. Speed in 300 km/h is reached for 15,8 seconds. The top speed is equal 414 km/h. With such parametres 9ff Porsche GT9-R should win first place among the fastest cars of the world. The present record belongs American superpenalty SSC Ultimate Aero TT. It advances a top speed in 412,28 km/h.

that for whom it is not necessary so much power and such speed can book model « Easier » with the motor power of 987 h.p. If also it it is a lot of, 750-strong Porsche from 9ff approaches precisely. It gains speed in 300 km/h of all for 20 seconds.

besides it 9ff assures that from 20 constructed cars (speech about 1120-strong GT9-R), will not be any identical. All models will be raznitsja unique bodikitami. The car price is meanwhile kept a secret. Even approximate … That not to an exchange if you are interested in its price, means, you can allow yourselves it.