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Nissan Patrol Test drive (7 generation): chujskim a path on 22 region

New Patrol erased border between brands of Nissan and Infiniti, practically overtaken on level « krutosti » with model QX56.

Changes of aircraft attitude of off-road cars, are well matched for their big sizes, happens slowly, to arrangement, but is global, as if for years while one model is actual, genes of the following should be saturated with modern knowledge and technologies that as a result the light saw absolutely new car.

new Nissan Patrol, already the seventh generation, said goodbye to the ascetic past of the previous generations (and models 30 years are fast), joined rare rows of comfortable cruisers – huge crossovers, ceasing to be simply robust, unpretentious and durable companion of tourists, hunters and jahtsmenov. Now it climbs to force the mountain rivers vbrod not in rubber boots on a belt and in shtormovke from dozen pockets, and in a costume-triple and varnish shoes. It would Seem – one model came in the stead another, and what contrast!

However, at a phase of announcement of new version Patrol, official « Nissan voice » reported that the car remained bulkhead, so, possessing body stiffness so necessary for the present all-terrain vehicle. It, of course, pleases, but basically people with very high prosperity as the price label on new Patrol begins with 2 million 900 thousand roubles. For comparison: Infiniti QX56 costs from 3 million 600 thousand roubles. Only one step in changes of aircraft attitude changed Patrol to unrecognizability, converting it into the flagman of the brand armed on the roof with the current technologies of automotive industry. Body styles became softer, thus the car saved brutalnost and still inspires respect on road.

to prove a competence new Patrol as an off-road car, specialists of the Russian office of Nissan decided « to banish » the dandy to Siberia … The first scale test drive of Nissan Patrol passed on roads and not on roads of Mountain Altai.

but before the main testing in mountains and gorges, our way (more than 300 km) lay from Barnaul to Mountain Altai as which you will not call picturesque. Mostly it reminds a sredne-Russian band habitual to us: forests yes fields. Hour after an hour they alternate each other, changing colour in the lubricated speed of a picture: yellow, green, brown. Fields grechihi, with the movable apiaries placed on them instal reliance that deficit of honey and grechki will not be. By the way, Altay territory is the producer of third of all Russian grechki. Then, brisk activity of tractors and combines there is watched, and dashing drivers of auto trucks suit storms from a dust and a dry grass, whipping on the retracted fields at improbable speed. Similar to taking off missiles behind which exhaust clubs grow, auto trucks are born to asphalt road that, having picked up on it, with a cruising speed of 40 km/h and garbage flying from a body to irritate not only dominating on local roads « pravorukih Japanese » but even pensioners - « Moskviches ». It seems that will not be to this agricultural world of the end that mountain will not see never. But we know that: mountains somewhere nearby … the Next dynamical jerk about 40 km/h to 160 km/h, and we with ease pass a slow chain of machines led by a combine, and here they – mountains already on horizon... Certainly, we could tail after long a procession by means of intellectual cruise-control which forces the car to go with a speed ahead of the going machine, but the new 405-strong engine in volume of 5,6 l together with 7-step AKP urges on to action. It improbably easily accelerates one of the greatest serial off-road cars in the world. Almost 3-htonnyj the car types « one hundred » in total for 6,6 with. Certainly, the motor also consumes it is a lot of: in the commixed motion cycle (a line, the river, a first coat, gravijka, a field) the 100-litre fuel bowl sufficed on 500 km of running that constitutes 20 l on 100 km., but it and is not surprising. For motors of such power and volume the consumption in limits « 20 » it is considered economic. It is necessary to mark that at the giant sizes the off-road car possesses fine roadability and yaw direction stability. It is a merit of a new independent suspension of all four wheels and, of course, a hydraulic installation of limitation of oscillations of a body (HBMC), developed by Nissan. It ensures as much as possible stable position of a body, moderating its cross-section roll at passing of turning movement or traffic lane change. I will remind that the previous version Patrol was with a beam axle and possessed excellent flotation ability. It is a pity that to test an innovation in rather heavy off-road conditions it was not possible, but on a shore covered with circular boulders, and on a bottom of the small mountain river the car moved confidently. The main testing for Patrol steels gravijnye and earth roads, which in mountains of Altai of hundred and hundreds kilometres. On such astable cover cars, as a rule, considerably lose the road qualities: are worse operated, slow down longer, rattle interiors. Here again our examinee did not bring: it was operated (adjusted for gravel) excellent and ensured lulling silence while at open glasses noise from wheels forced to transfer in dialogue to shout. Gravijka as it appeared, conceals in itself one more danger – sharp stones. On finish one of crews was on « to a spare wheel » but colleagues received invaluable experience …

Despite seeming remoteness from a civilisation, on roads of Mountain Altai briskly enough: trip buses here go, expensive off-road cars whip and grandfathers of the Soviet car industry - « hobble; Loaves » « the Trestle » « the Zhiguli » « Moskviches » and « Tavrii ». Perhaps, only « Zaporozhtsy » in the majority are not so capable to move, therefore decorate kitchen gardens gornoaltajtsev, probably, as scarecrows.

but, we return to new Patrol. Its captains place calls dual feelings: at the first acquaintance it seems that on study of systems accessible to the driver leaves not less than a day, and then frankly you miss at the wheel since there is nothing to wish more. Around a skin, chrome and a tree, navigation on the big multipurpose display, near at hand the selector of switching of off-road modes in case suddenly snow or stones, and a cooler in a glovebox between front seats. In the valleys closed from radio-waves by mountains I especially valued USB-port: inserted « a flash card » with music, and other mood! A trifle, and it is pleasant. But it is especially pleasant to passengers of back rows of seats (their two). At the disposal of passengers informational-entertaining DVD-system with two seven-inch displays which have been built in head-rests of front seats. Certainly, when you admire beauty of Mountain Altai, not to cinema, but in capital plug the system brightens necessarily up life.

in summary I should tell about « traditions » and efficient sense of humour gornoaltajskih dorozhnikov. Even when the road (asphalted) here terminates, the marking is put on gravijnuju a line. If in asphalt there was a pit rupturing so expensive heart dorozhnikov solid dividing line, the road is not patched, but a marking put – directly in a pit. Surprisingly, but the system of recognition of a marking by which it is arranged new Patrol, confidently read out even such, alternative marking. Roadway markers – separate history. Probably, dorozhnikam the Chujsky channel gave very much a considerable quantity of marks of speed limitations, but find of them of worthy application they could not. As a result on a channel it is possible to meet an improbable combination of marks, for example, through each 20 metres consecutive limitations 80, 60, 40, 20 km/h, through 20 metres limitation of 40 km/h and more low, on the same pile a cancellation of limitation of 40 km/h. A specific mention indexes are worthy. Among marks with charming titles of type « Top-cuckooing » superlaconic marks « quite often come across; the Forest » « the Field » « Lake » « Farm ». Truthfully and shortly.