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Winter tyres 2010/2011 - special issue: ContiIceContact

New « a hit » Continental in a class of spiked tyres which the German concern assumes to win hearts of automobile owners of northern countries. An innovation already tested, valued and otkommentirovali specialists and motorists, and, except for several « pre-images » the general judgement appears quite univalent.

perhaps, we will not repeat the colleagues and to tell about roadability and braking action on ice and snow, in detail describing all advantages of the new tyre. We would like to mark one important feature of an innovation which as it seemed, has been missed in many tests and articles.

Uvlekshis estimations and the parametres, many forgot one important point – quantity of versions of type sizes in which the tyre is manufactured. And on this parametre ContiIceContact the premium-segmeta is the conclusive leader among spiked tyres - the model is manufactured in 69 type sizes with altitude of a structure from 80 to 40 for disks from 13 to 20 inches. Thus, the tyre covers the widest segment of cars (almost all on which the category rights suit) - passenger machines of classes B, C, D, E, crossovers, minivenov and off-road cars. It is more at anybody from producers of tyres of a premium-segment there is no such selection of dimension. Among spiked tyres.

and availability of the size – it is very important, as often happens so that ponravivshejasja the model in the necessary type size simply is not manufactured. In a case with ContiIceContact such situation will be hardly possible - this model it is possible « to put » the majority of modern cars. The only thing that it is necessary to consider that for absolute determination of the necessary type size to buy tyres it is necessary at official dealers of the brand. How us assured of the company « Open Company the Exclusive » official dealer Continental, the majority of widespread type sizes always is available if a type size rare, it can quickly supply under the booking.

the season only begins, the tyre only appeared in the market, but already there are first buyers who had time to test an innovation. And, as one would expect, remained are happy.

so, in a forum on user Vlad writes: « I Will mark that braking action on asphalt rather worthy. On a noisiness of censures is not present. Went on Earlier ( the title is removed – red .), the rumble from tenons was terrible. Konti much more silence! »

user Alexander joins this judgement also: « I go week already. Yesterday it was rolled in a shower on a line - perfectly hold road, pools do not notice. At me summer ( the title is removed – red .) So it is good in a rain do not go, as these tyres! Nak that to all I advise! For the summer I will look narrowly too at Kontiku. »

And here that user Maxim wrote from the same forum: « Tyres cool! I live zagorodom, there already how much was also couple of weeks back)) On these tyres it is simply unreal abruptly slow down - before went on (the title is removed – red.) not to compare at all! Those also buzzed horror as, and these is not audible) My girlfriend even sold the one season done a bit of travelling (the title is removed – red.) Also purchased these))) »

Official dealers Continental on behalf of the company « Open Company the Exclusive » consider that on model ContiIceContact it is necessary to expect very much a great demand as innovation Continental it is real, it was received very successful, and it has been quickly valued by an autosociety. But, according to dealers, they are completely ready to flow of buyers also quality of service will be on a high level habitual for clients.