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Money for a butt: " Moscow " Jeep Grand Cherokee missed roubles

The new generation using the deserved respect at domestic dzhiperov Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road car which European debut took place in August on the Moscow showroom, is equal in two weeks appears in show-rumah of the Russian official dealers of the brand well-known for “rascals“ who have entitled the whole class of machines. “The big Indian“ the producer as did not begin to hold the rouble price unknown to Russians.

new Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered with two unique systems of an all wheel drive: Quadra-Trac II (for modification Limited) and Quadra-Drive II (for modification Overland).

Quadra-Trac II with a two-stage transfer box receives the arrival signals arriving from various sensors, for determination of degree of slip of a wheel at the earliest phases of slippage in time to correct behaviour of wheels.

In system function Throttle Anticipate for softening of consequences of sharp pressing of a pedal of an accelerator and obtaining of the maximum hauling capacity during the periods prior to the beginning proskalzyvanija wheels is used. At detection of signs of slippage to 100 % of torque it is transmitted to the bridge which wheels possess the best hooking with a ground.

system Quadra-Drive II with rear differential of the increased friction and electronic control (ELSD) ensures the best in a class thrust qualities. The system constantly monitors level of slip of wheels and smoothly breaks out torque between wheels with the best hooking. In certain cases the system is capable to foresee approach proskalzyvanija wheels and operates torque distribution between them for compulsory drop of level of slip.

the new body arrangement possesses the torsional stiffness increased on 46 % in comparison with present model.

Without dependence from version of the engine of Jeep Grand Cherokee it is arranged by a 5-step automatic transmission with adaptive electronic control and function Autostick allowing manually to switch transfer.

the useful space of interior was increased at 11 % in comparison with the previous model. However external the machine became slightly more: on 51 mms in a length and 72 mms in breadth. Soft materials are used not only for control panel furnish, but also all surfaces which the driver and passengers will concern, including: linings of doors, consoles, arm-rests and etc. Furnish of elements of an interior and seats a skin, heating of both rows of seats are accessible to holders of versions Limited and Overland in standard version of picking.

the electric drive of a door of a baggage compartment, optsionalno offered for modification Limited and entering in a basic set of modification Overland became new feature of model. The dual lanterns installed in rear head lamps which in a combination to the scoop of rear review ParkView which is a part of the standard equipment, considerably facilitate the manoeuvres made in a night-time. Front and rear sensors of system ParkSense of the help at a parking also are accessible in a basic set of modifications Limited and Overland.

the Power rule of Jeep Grand Cherokee includes two petrol motors power of 290 and 360 h.p.

Sales of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 of modelling year begin on October, 1st, 2010. Off-road car cost c engine Pentastar in volume of 3.6 l. In picking Limited constitutes $66 800 at a Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation at date of payment.

the innovation price c engine HEMI in volume of 5.7 l in picking Overland manages to the buyer in the sum equivalent $87 900.