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Paris-2010: Skoda presents the second generation of models of series GreenLine

The new generation of “green“ Skodas debuts within the limits of the Parisian autoshow which opens the doors last day September.

motor-car manufacturers, understanding that cars harm to environment, (sincerely as a rule) regret, but do not terminate to do the part. However the social liability forces their messages of development in the field of the harmless automobile technologies the first models of Skoda of series GreenLine became which result in 2008 and.

the Czech brand actively monitors “diet“ of own cars. Rule GreenLine represents a series of adaptable technologies for the car and the engine, which Skodas advances and improves.

the Parisian showroom becomes the recreational area for a premiere of second generation of models GreenLine equipped with diesel engines with direct fuel injection (1.2 TDI CR 75 h.p. and 1.6 TDI CR 105 h.p.) Technology Stop & Start and system of revivifying of energy of braking action. Under a car cowling there was an adapted engine on-off control assembly, and on the panel of devices - the gauge which suggests the optimal (from the point of view of fuel conservaition) transfer. All models GreenLine are offered with tyres with the dropped level of resistance to rolling.