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In overland Tver there was a monument to seamen - to submariners

on May, 7th on the bank of Volga between the Old bridge and Athanasius Nikitin have solemnly opened a monument to seamen - to submariners.

In our overland city it has appeared not casually. Thousand tverichan and inhabitants of area wared and ministered on submarines. Many of them were lost during the Great Patriotic War. In memory of them this monument also has been created.

the Author of a composition artist Evgenie Antonov took for a basis a plot a picture of marine painter Vladimir Kalensky which has served all war on Northern fleet.

Money for a monument in Tver collected the whole world. On kopeck veterans bore, families of the lost submariners.

When the idea of creation of a monument became a reality, submariners were converted to the area and city authorities. Governor Dmitry Zelenin has supported the Union of veterans - submariners both morally and financially. The city has not stood aside also.

the Monument was solemnly opened by the first persons of area and a city: the chairman of Legislative Assembly Andrey Epishin, the assistant to the governor Anatoly Bochenkov, mayor Vladimir Babichev, the head of administration of a city Vasily Toloko, and also the poet and the Honourable citizen and areas Andrey Dementyev.

In honour of victims during the Great Patriotic War of seamen - submariners on the Volga water the wreath has been lowered.