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In Irkutsk near Eternal fire have put a capsule with the earth from communal graves

This division has been generated in 1939. In its numbers ministered 16 thousand persons from Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region.   soldiers protected the earths Leningrad   areas, Kareliyas and Polar regions from fascist aggressors. On fields of battles were lost more than 15 thousand warriors.   only 500 inhabitants of Irkutsk have come back home, in live now remains only two.

in 1989 representatives of council of veterans of 114 divisions have visited communal graves in which Siberians are buried. The capsule with the earth long time was stored in museums of fighting glory Irkutsk trading - economic college and Officers` Club. Now it will be near Eternal fire.

before putting a capsule, the prior of Spassky church father Alexander has served a funeral service for victims warriors. Then the veteran of 114 divisions Konstantin Rukosuev together with fighters of Fast 1 has put a capsule with the earth. Near to Eternal fire there was one more plate,   as a tribute of undying memory of our fellow countrymen who have given the lives for freedom of Fatherland.