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After celebratory salute in Ekaterinburg all townspeople will be carried on houses

by One hundred trams and trolley buses leave in a route after celebratory fireworks on May, 9th. Trolley buses will begin movement on stops in the street Shevchenko in area TjUza, on   to Charles Libknehta`s street from Lenin`s prospectus to street Malysheva and from Lenin`s prospectus to street May Day, in the street Malysheva from 8 Martha to Viner, in the street Belinsky around a stop Library of Belinsky, in the street Sverdlova around a stop the Cinema Ural Mountains . Tram stops in the street Moscow, Top - Isetsky parkway, Lunacharsky`s street, on Lenin`s prospectus, and also at terminal stations " will work; VISAS and TSPKiO . Transport will work till one o`clock in the morning.

By the way, some days a municipal transportation actively decorate to feasts. On May, 9th structures will decorate with tags, in trams congratulations will sound. Even conductors and drivers will be smiling and beautiful - they should appear on work with georgievskim ribbons. All the day long on May, 9th across Ekaterinburg will go for a drive musical the Victory Tram .

In these days off the decision to give a gift to pensioners and exempts is accepted. Aboriginals of a city can use free of charge journey on public transport. For this purpose with itself it is necessary to have a personal transport map or the certificate of the federal sample of the right to privileges.