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Spring sowing in the Vologda area is disturbed by weather, shortage of the labour, the unprepared technics, and also problems with fuel

- Vesenne - field works there have begun all areas of area, but a situation not the simple. - has complained   Tamara Britvina, the first deputy of the Governor of the Vologda area,   at selector meeting about a course vesenne - field works of 2010.

While posejano only 4 thousand hectares of grain crops while it is planned to sow 150 thousand hectares. With business flax 114 hectares whereas it is planned 9,3 thousand hectares are even worse posejano only.

Seeds of grain crops provide all economy of area and 71 % of seeds konditsionny (meet the requirements of norms of quality on   to cleanliness, vshozhesti, humidity). It on 9 % above last year`s level. However in Vashkinsky area this indicator only 9 %, 13 % in Chagode, 29 % in Harovske and 31 % to Entre Rios. Discrepancy of seeds to requirements STATE THAT in these areas as it is declared, has occurred from - for presence of seeds of weeds. All from - that last year economy have not spent   chemical weeding of crops.

In   a number of areas the technics for carrying out vesenne - field works is not ready. In general on area for May, 4th 70 % of ploughs, 74 % of seeders and 71 % of cultivators are serviceable. In Babaevsky area regularly only 65 % of ploughs and 53 % of seeders. In this area 26 % of the area are ploughed in the autumn under zjab only, that is 74 % of sowing will be on vesnovspashke, and the lack of serviceable ploughs can lead to a delay   sowing. In Belozersky and Sheksninsky areas regularly less than half of seeders and only the third part of cultivators is ready to work in Mezhdurechensk, Ust - the Cuban and Sheksninsky areas.

- to All regions a task in view -   to carry out crops grain and flax till May, 20th! It is real date as all possibilities at areas are. And after May, 20th to be engaged in sense flax any more will not be. Who will not sow in time - you have only yourselves to blame, it is necessary to return money. - Tamara Britvina has declared.

the Inquiry

257 million roubles it is allocated from the regional budget for carrying out vesenne - field works this year.