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Near Volgograd the pedophile forced neighbour`s boys

that created with its children 29 - summer the neighbour,   Valentina Gorjakova has learnt casually. Sons have mentioned in conversation when mum has told it that soon they will go on a visit to relatives to Lenin area. Boys have flatly refused to go together with mum, having told it that one year ago to them threatened and forced to do bad things the neighbour   relatives - uncle Vova .

Having heard such, the woman has rushed to militia. With the boys to one of which six years, and second eight - have talked psychologists and have come to a conclusion that children do not say lies. uncle Vova have detained.

- Now the arrested person gives grateful evidences. As it has appeared, it enticed children to itself(himself) into a court yard where forced, and did it in the perverted form. And that children have not told the adult, intimidated kids, - the head of Sredneahtubinsky MrSO of SOU SKP across the Volgograd region Andrey Milevsky tells . - It is necessary to notice that the arrested person has a family, his wife waits for the child. Behind it anybody never noticed any strangenesses, therefore its arrest became shock for relatives.

If its fault will be proved,   to the tyrant threatens from 12 till 20 years of imprisonment.