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In Saratov the tiny kid has fallen about 7 floors

it would not be desirable to believe in it, but in the regional centre such misfortunes began to occur to a terrifying regularity. Hardly it is more two weeks ago, on April, 21st, the child to whom four with small year, has fallen about 7 floors in the street Lunar. In its hospital delivered in the hardest status. Fortunately, Slavik has got out.

His parents conduct asotsialnyj a way of life, drink. We have gone to this apartment and were horrified, when have seen, in what conditions there lived the child . In the city Department of Internal Affairs have got against his mother   criminal case.

Yesterday, on May, 6th, in Leninsk area there was again a misfortune to the kid. In the street Izmaylov the boy has dropped out of a window 7 floors of an apartment house, to which only 1   year and 3 months. The child has got plural traumas, crises, in a state of shock it hospitalised in 1 - ju city hospital. The chief a press - services of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Alexey Egors has told “that this time the criminal component in this incident is not present.

- the Family normal, parents work, do not drink. At them three children, - tells Egors. - that has occurred to this kid, - accident. That day his mother has been occupied by other children, and the boy has got on a window sill and has dropped out in an open window.

According to the head the press - the services, the kid lying on asphalt was seen by his father. The man has called“fast“. Now doctors struggle for life of the kid.