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From expensive cars the vagabond exchanged stolen mirrors for meal and binge

History with detention of the malefactor is not absolutely usual. Initially it was searched for theft of property from platform of apartments on street of Cosmonauts in Minsk. When it has been found on one of city dumps, it has appeared that the pilferer is involved not only in plunder from platform, but also to the whole series of thefts from motor vehicles. For today it is established that detained at least nine times broke mirror elements from motor vehicles of stamps BMW Mercedes and Audi in time from July till September of the past year in territory of the Moscow area. The stolen mirrors the malefactor pereprodaval on cheap stuff on a car market, spent money for meal and binge.

Against the thief criminal case is brought, it is threatened with term - till 7 years of imprisonment, informs the Mingorispolkom Municipal Department of Internal Affairs .

By the way, it is far not the first case of a robbery of mirrors from expensive cars (the site In Minsk see have detained the thief of automobile mirrors ).

about a problem of theft of mirrors from cars spoke in a press - the centre the head of department of protection of a public order and preventive maintenance of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Mingorispolkom Yury Sorokin (sm a site the Most popular car at pilferers - BMW! ). Buying expensive car, people should take care of its protection.

One of effective ways of protection of your car - to mark the car (the site Militia: marks will protect From automobile thefts ).