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In Volgograd has passed parade

On a main square of the Fallen Fighters for the first time for last 7 years has passed military parade. Inhabitants of Volgograd have seen the newest tank T - 90 and infantry fighting vehicle BMP - 3, an armoured troop-carrier, an armored troop-carrier, systems Hailstones the Tornado .

All in   celebratory parade one and a half thousand   have taken part;   soldiers and officers, there have passed 66 units of military technology.   among them -   fighters 20 - j a motor-shooting brigade, 56 - j separate desantno - an assault brigade from Kamyshina, 22 - j brigades of internal troops from the Kalatch - on - Don. Military men have marched on a main square of a hero town in the form of fighters of infantry, pilots and seamen. Also have not stood aside   the Volgograd territorial command of railway armies, cadets of academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a company of the Guard of honour. By tradition warriors 46 - j a separate company of the Guard of honour finished parade. Military men of this division already draw more than 40 years duty at the main height of Russia - Mamaevom a barrow.

And here to look at solemn procession has come 1,5 thousand veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Almost all of them were with accompanying, time prevails also much hard to move independently. However, to look at a celebratory show and more time to meet friends, all of them have dared. Embraces, flowers, pleasure tears on the person from that, as 65 - summer anniversary of Victory they meet all together.

this year organizers have decided to reconstruct the first Victory Day. The feast is stylised under 1945. On crossroads there are girls - regulirovshchitsy in the military form. Girls all as on selection: harmonous, beautiful. Employees of traffic police in the military form of those years stand on each crossroads in city centre. In hands not a striped stick of the inspector, and alarm red tags - all as 65 years ago.

On city streets - the hero have appeared   come back from front soldiers. At station of visitors met girls in dresses 40 - h years with colours.   in a city work   the stylised dance pavilions and photoplatforms. Be not surprised, if will meet in streets representatives of commandant`s office which will check up your documents. And in park on Mamaevom a barrow the museum - a dugout where to visitors tell about a life of soldier`s life has settled down. In the car stylised under sanitary,   ezdiet a brigade of actors. They give concerts to veterans, singing songs about   to the Great Patriotic War. On all actions distributed feast main character - soldier`s pilotku, and to veterans handed over memorable scarfs.

On the area of the Fallen Fighters have established the huge screen in the size 7,20 on 5,40 metres. Weighs The main TV Stalingrada more than 2 tons. On it on the air broadcast performance of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the All-Russian parade of Victory. Also this year for the first time has taken place television and the Internet - translation in a mode on - line all basic actions of a feast.


On the area of the Fallen fighters there was legendary tank T - 34

to Congratulate veterans the first persons of Volgograd
the Photo have come also: Ekaterina SIMOHINA

Legendary T - 34 many inhabitants of Volgograd
dreamt to look at the Photo: Ekaterina SIMOHINA