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This summer in Tolmachevo there will be a second landing strip

the First deputy of the governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Jurchenko at special meeting has estimated degree of readiness of the second take-off - a landing strip of the airport Tolmachevo :


- the Basic contract organisations have finished works, there is an acceptance, remarks are defined. Today - tomorrow initial certificates of the working commissions will be signed, - the minister of transport present at meeting and a road economy of the Novosibirsk region Nikolay Simonov has informed. - remarks not essential, but they take place to be, do not influence continuation of a course of works, on preparation for tests, including, to flight. The part of remarks is connected with weather conditions and a high water which do not give the chance to spend an accomplishment in territory. In process of approach of warm weather, soil drying will be made blagoustroitelnye works which are registered in remarks.


We count on that till May, 8th the question on pressure giving on all necessary sites will be solved, it will give the chance to start definitive arrangement of all systems VPP - 2. 12 - will be on May, 13th agreed periods of the beginning of flight, the plane is reserved from corresponding laboratory. We hope that by June, 1st all complex of works on VPP - 2 will come to the end.


the Inquiry


the Decision on building of the second take-off - a landing strip was accepted with a view of increase in carrying capacity of the airport Tolmachyovo increases kategorijnosti an air field complex to 2 categories IKAO, increase of a regularity of flights for the bill of improvement of orientation of a course concerning wind occupancy in comparison with operating VPP - 1, exceptions of flights over the city of Novosibirsk. Civil-engineering design VPP - 2 has been confirmed by the Ministry of civil aircraft on June, 20th 1985   In 1987   to year building VPP - 2 which in 1995 has been suspended from - for the terminations of budgetary financing has begun. VPP and #8209; 2 has length 3600   m and width 60   m. It is located almost perpendicularly to existing VPP. After commissioning VPP and #8209; 2 carrying capacity of airport Tolmachyovo will increase in 2 times and will make 36 vzlyoto - landings at an o`clock, the airport can accept all existing aircrafts. It will be the third airdrome in the Asian part of Russia with 2 category IKAO (in Yakutsk and Khabarovsk).