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In Bottom Nogorode to veterans became badly directly on Victory parade

on May, 9th this year has stood out unusually hot. The sun baked as in July, the thermometer showed + 26 even in the morning. Veterans were pulled together on the area of Minina in advance. Some have come to half ninth and about one and a half hours sat right in the sun. Over their places of awnings not was. Only some have guessed to take hats. Someone hid from the scorching sun behind newspapers or books. The majority has appeared defenceless from scorching beams.

a part of veterans in specially sewed light suits and berets sat on a scene. There it became bad to one of them. A leah it is necessary to say that to the majority of veterans deeply for 80. Health and so weak, and here it was necessary to sit long under the sun. And emotional experiences have made the business.

physicians on duty nearby there and then have rendered to the veteran the necessary help. But the elderly person should be taken out on a stretcher from a scene.  

to Another   it became bad during putting on of wreaths to eternal fire. Relatives had to pour its cold water that to it it became easier.