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The Volgograd veterans: Such grandiose parade we saw for the first time!

Such grandiose parade on a main square of a city inhabitants of Volgograd did not see for a long time. For the first time for last 7 years in   Volgograd has passed military parade. Inhabitants of Volgograd have seen the newest tank T - 90 and infantry fighting vehicle BMP - 3, an armoured troop-carrier, an armored troop-carrier, systems Hailstones the Tornado and other technics. But has especially amazed imagination of front-line soldiers and townsmen the legendary tank - T - 34 which has headed a celebratory column. It have specially brought from a museum - panoramas Stalingradsky fight .

- We with brother-soldiers, every year for May, 9th go on Mamayev a barrow. This holy site for which my front companions have given lives. And   this year have decided to begin a feast with the Area of the fallen fighters, from parade. I saw for the first time such   a grandiose show, - veteran Peter Kletsky speaks. - It is a pity that only I one could arrive on it. Were going to go together with the friend, yes only the years are taking their toll, he was ill.

- Parade was really beautiful, but the main thing not it, is important that   we again together with old friends have sat down on tribunes, have met, have embraced, have talked. Here it also is the present feast. To see that all of them are live and healthy, - front-line soldier Victor Afanasev speaks.

After the parade termination, the majority of veterans have gone on Mamayev a barrow, to put flowers and pochtit memory of those who has not lived till these days.