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Blagoveshchentsy have noted the 1st of May

Blagoveshchentsy have noted the 1st of May traditional procession in columns and meetings.
still early in the morning people have started to gather for Lenin`s areas, basically - advanced age. In spite of the fact that before the meeting of communists declared on 11 o`clock in the morning remains even two hours, grandmothers and grandfathers with enthusiasm talked and even danced a waltz.

In 11 mornings the column dazzling with red flags, has approached to Lenin`s monument. Nearby 200 persons in total have gathered. At what the place of honour directly before a tribune was occupied with shareholders Russia - on a feast of spring and work they were noted by type posters Korneyev! Return money to investors! and down with an administrative and building lawlessness .

Traditionally having scolded the power - both local, and state and having remembered old times communists have accepted the resolution in which have called the supporters Again to build a socialism . More often, after an appeal from a tribune, on the area it was distributed hurrah . Separately and not everything so unities in it skandirovanii were not However, shouted.
is closer to 12 days, communists have given way to the present party in power - that which so abused. A column an United Russia looked where more impressively - in it went about thousand persons. The kiddies who have joined hands opened procession, then there was an orchestra and at once after them - representatives of the power. Their performance from a tribune too anything original was not noted - to support all same appeals the power, stories how remarkably began all to live and type slogans In the light future together with us (i.e. the power)! . But while from tribunes the flaming speeches were distributed, to all interested persons distributed free morozhennoe that has called a huge agiotage in crowd. And children and at all took the car on which morozhennoe have brought and while
have not gorged on vkusnjatiny in a ring, did not lag behind from morozhenshchikov with the requirement of one more glass.

This meeting has ended about o`clock in the afternoon then GAI officers have dispersed after the journey idly unsteady townspeople and have opened Lenin`s street for journey. On it the official part of a feast of Spring and Work has ended.

Look a photo from meeting.