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In Magnitogorsk the villain has cruelly beaten the veteran and has selected orders

the Impudent attack on 85 - the summer front-line soldier has occurred   yesterday at an entrance of one of houses along the street Komsomol in Magnitogorsk. Of 14 orders and medals on a chest of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War which was coming back from a feast, have drawn attention of the young moron. The guy has gone after the old hero. When the defender of Fatherland has entered into an entrance of the house, the guy has run in after it and began to beat. The front-line soldier has fainted. The villain has removed from the veteran kitel and has disappeared.  

Even skilled militiamen were in shock from cynicism of the predator. Fortunately, it managed to be caught this very day.

- It has gone to hand over the stolen awards in an antique shop, - speaks   the chief of investigatory department Lenin OVD cities of Magnitogorsk Natalia Bazhanov,   - but the owner of shop has appeared the person conscious. Having seen fighting medals, it   Has informed on the visitor in militia.

Without delay the criminal have detained. Now it is threatened till 10 years of prison under article 162 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Robbery).

and orders have returned Medals to the front-line soldier. According to police officers, the veteran has seriously suffered.   in   time of an attack it   has received a brain concussion and bruises of the person.   but to lay down in hospital has not wanted.