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The sovereign court RK has forbidden to move tenants from a hostel on May Day 115

on May, 6th the Sovereign court RK has considered and has satisfied cassation representation of the public prosecutor on the case of eviction of tenants of one of hostel rooms along the street May Day 115, on it informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor RK.

I Will remind that the new proprietor of disputable habitation was converted into court with the claim about eviction of three persons living in apartment which they have employed at the previous owner. The Syktyvkar city court of the requirement of the claimant has satisfied and has taken out the decision about eviction of people. The public prosecutor of Syktyvkar, in turn, has disagreed with a judgement and has written cassation representation (complaint) to wrong application by court of norms of the substantive law.

For example as the public prosecutor has specified, the court has not taken into consideration article 675 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on which if the habitation passes from one proprietor to another it does not attract cancellation or change of the contract of hiring which was concluded by the previous owner of apartment. Thus the new owner of premises becomes najmodatelem on conditions before the concluded contract.

This moment and more a number of other remarks specified by the public prosecutor of Syktyvkar, have allowed the Sovereign court to cancel the decision on eviction of tenants from scandalous apartment. However, in what party business will turn within the next few days - anybody cannot foretell.