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City of military glory the Kalatch - on - Don have immortalised in Moscow

Today in Aleksandrovsk to a garden has been opened stela in a part of cities of military glory.

the Monument to hero towns has appeared at the initiative of the Russian president.


the Rank the City of military glory it is appropriated to cities of Russia which have caused a stir special courage in fights with fascists. Now in Russia 27 cities of military glory: Belgorod, Kursk, the Eagle, Vladikavkaz, Malgobek, Rzhev, Yelnya, Yelets, Voronezh, Luga, Polar, Rostov-on-Don, Tuapse, Velikie Luki, Great Novgorod, Dmitrov, Vyazma, Kronstadt, Naro - Fominsk, Pskov, Kozelsk, Arkhangelsk, Volokolamsk, Bryansk, Nalchik, Vyborg and the Kalatch - on - Don. But in due course the rank will be appropriated also to other cities of Russia.


On a monument construction 500 tons of a stone and 500 tons of a grey granite have left. Stela military glory it is divided into 10 cells, in each of which the name of 4 cities of military glory. The place and for new cities is left. Stela military glory makes a uniform powerful and beautiful complex of Memory together with a tomb of the Unknown soldier and eternal fire, - informs www. Vesti. ru