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In honour of May, 9th in Barnaul will pass three fireworks

on May, 7th   on Altai   storm warning has been declared, from - for which fireworks in a Victory Day in edge capital could cancel. But   fears have appeared are vain. Office of heaven as if was arranged under the schedule of inhabitants of Altay territory, and appeared was in the cloud sky have dissipated. And it means: to salute to be!

- we Wait for all Barnaul citizens and city visitors in 22. 00 on the area of Saharova, - joyfully declared in a loudspeaker on the area of Advice.

By the way, these minutes on the area of Advice passes track and field athletics run the Victory Ring . Some tens Barnaul citizens which have decided to congratulate in such original way all come on festivals on a Victory Day take part In it.

By the way

Besides, salutes will pass today in several disctricts of the city.   in 22. 00 fireworks can be seen in park the Wood fairy tale and on the World area.

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