Rus News Journal

Congratulation of the President of Belarus with 65 - j anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Dear compatriots!

from the bottom of the heart I congratulate you with 65 - j anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

to us, contemporaries, even it is difficult to present pleasure, delight and happiness which were brought by the first peace spring. But after the lapse of years we can estimate huge historical sense of this event. Decades of the world in Europe, freedom and independence of many people - all it has been paid by blood of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, millions known and anonymous heroes.

in cruel battles at the front, in guerrilla groups and an underground, in fields and at factories our people directed the efforts for the sake of one purpose - to stand and defeat.

for Victory Belarus has paid the terrible price and consequently memory of the past for us is sacred.

In the centre of Minsk, in the heart of our Native land, Eternal fire burns, and in heart of each of us the gratitude to the live and fallen warriors never will die away. And we again and again repeat words familiar since the childhood - NOBODY is forgotten Also NOTHING is forgotten.

dear veterans! To you we are obliged by all - life, freedom, happiness of our children. Low prostration to you! Live long, remaining for us an honour and courage example. We, fellow-heirs of generation of winners, promise to be worthy to go with you in one I build.

in this light feast warmly I wish you, expensive fellow countrymen, and to your relatives of happiness, the world and good!

with Day of Great Victory!

Alexander Lukashenko.