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In Vladivostok during parade veterans fainted

  In present, anniversary, year of commemorating of anniversary from the date of victory in the Great Patriotic War heat of emotions was especially strong. That is why many participants of operations in   the heaviest for the country to war simply fainted. Several front-line soldiers needed the first help. Their hearts simply did not maintain an impact of the gushed memoirs which have stirred up anniversary actions on tsentralnroj the areas of Vladivostok.

they were one of those who in days of war together with all country have risen on Native land protection. On fronts battled over two hundred thousand inhabitants of edge. Many left on front volunteers. From fields of battles 71 thousand person has not returned. For courage and heroism to 148 inhabitants of edge the rank of the Hero of Soviet Union has been appropriated, 53 became full gentlemen of Order of Glory. The name of the sniper is entered in pages of military glory of Russia from Primorski Krai Vasily Zajtseva. In fights for Stalingrad it has destroyed 225 fascists. Today 65 - letie Victories are met by the inhabitant of edge, the Hero of Soviet Union Nikolay Kononenkov, awarded a high rank for heroism and the courage shown at speeding up of Dnepr.

it is impossible to forget about those who in days of the Great Patriotic War has heroically proved in back. The industrial enterprises of Primorski Krai have been urgently reoriented on manufacture of defensive production. From edge on front there were echelons with shells, ammunition for the military ships, anti-tank mines. Work of seaside fishermen was self-denying. They managed to provide army and the population ryboproduktsiej. Huge work on transportation of cargoes was done by workers of Far East sea shipping company, the Vladivostok sea trading port and the Vladivostok railway junction.