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Veteran Roza Baglanova: In air smells as a lilac, as in the spring of 1945

On the area of the Fallen fighters where grandiose parade today has taken place, has come more than two hundred veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Almost all of them were with accompanying, time prevails also much hard to move independently. However, to look at a celebratory show and more time to meet friends, all of them have dared. Embraces, flowers, pleasure tears on the person from that, as 65 - summer anniversary of Victory they meet all together.


-   you feel, how in air smells as a lilac, at me these flowers associate with Victory. I have met   the war end in Belarus, was pulemetchitsej. Late at night we were woken by the commander with shout: Little girls, victory, have waited! and the beginnings us, sleepy to turn on a room! and already at daybreak to us companions have brought colours and have kissed. That perfume of lilac till now with me, -   the veteran tells.


- To us today have presented set of colours, together with them we will go on Mamayev a barrow, we there already are waited by friends, and will note sacred victory in the bosom of the family in the evening, - other veteran Leonid Kolchin continues.   - the toast " will be obligatory; For the peace sky over a head! I now observed of a system of soldiers, pilots, commandoes and thought that I hope they never learn that such war.




On parade soldiers in the form of military years with shtandartami the fronts waring under Stalingradom
the Photo have acted: Ekaterina SIMOHINA

Veterans of Volgograd: - Let modern soldiers never learn that such war!
a photo: Ekaterina SIMOHINA