Rus News Journal

The capital Komi marks a Victory Day

At 10:00 in Syktyvkar has passed become traditional meeting near Eternal fire. Celebratory parade has pleased spectators on the Stefanovsky area in 11. 00.

With 13. 30 inhabitants wait a celebratory concert. Near Eternal fire will pass Festival of city choruses of veterans the Red carnation . In 15. 00 the celebratory program on a platform near republican stadium will begin. Here will pass a defile of a fashion 40 - h years, competition on the best chastooshka of military years, shahmatno - shashechnyj tournament, demonstration performances of cynologists, Is in memory of an instant of war - a concert bardovskoj songs.

to Admire salute it will be possible at a spare field of stadium in 21. 45.

and in 22. 00 translation will begin with stadium Luzniki (Moscow) the dramatized representation devoted 65 - letiju Victories in the Second World War. Translation will pass on the big screen in the size 64 the metre, exposed by day of Victory on the Stefanovsky area.

In Ezhve, besides celebratory actions in 13. 00 will pass National salute - gathered on a signal simultaneously will let out in the sky the balloons filled with helium. Any interested person can participate in the action.