Rus News Journal

We have defeated together!

Dear veterans! Dear citizens of Moldova!
        accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of a significant feast - 65 - letija Victories in the Great Patriotic War.
        overcoming heartrending experiences, bearing terrible losses, our people have crushed fascism, have protected the Fatherland. Uniform indestructible force, shoulder to shoulder battling to Hitlerite aggressors on fronts of war and in back, we have won freedom and the world.
        victory has got the terrible price - cruel fights have carried away ten millions lives. Our general debt - piously to store memory of immortal exploits of front-line soldiers and workers of back, resolutely to protect great property of those tragical days - solidarity and unity of the people.
        It is convinced, the general historical legacy, cultural and spiritual affinity are a strong basis for the further forward development multiplane Russian - the Moldavian relations.
        the special place occupies anniversary of Victory this year in the agenda of the Commonwealth of Independent States. All 2010 declared in the CIS on Year of veterans, passes under the motto We have defeated together! . Serious initiatives of the countries the Commonwealth devoted 65 - letiju Victories, have got support in United Nations Organization frameworks. Specially the informal summit of the CIS on May, 9th is dated for solemn actions in Moscow.
        I want to express the kindest wishes of health, longevity and happiness to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the world and prosperity - to all people of Moldova.