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Veterans of Kirov: « We wared for the Native land, for Stalin »

Today during Victory parade in Kirov the portrait with Joseph Stalin`s image was born by a communist party column. And the day before at city stops there were small leaflets with the image of the leader. As the Kirov veterans, they not admitted against that these portraits hung in a city.

- We went to attack for the Native land and for Stalin. All war have passed with this slogan, died with Joseph Vissarionovicha`s name, - front-line soldier Yury Mihajlovich tells. - In a Victory Day Stalin`s portraits should hang in a city.

As the Kirov workers of back consider also.

- we did not know About Stalin`s any crimes, we knew only that he is a father of the people that thanks to it we have habitation, meal. And its portrait is close to us also roads so it should hang in a Victory Day, - the worker of back Lyudmila Vasilevna shares opinion.

it was possible to see Stalin`s Three portraits during Victory parade on the Theatre square in Kirov.
a photo: Antons ALEXEYS (Kirov)