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« gives newspapers with a reprint from May, 9th, 1945

In a Victory Day in Moldova has given a gift to inhabitants of capital. The action has passed on the Memorial Eternity during meeting of memory of heroes.

to Participants of meeting has presented 500 copies of the newspaper with the Georgievsky ribbons enclosed in them. But it not the only thing, than has surprised in number for Saturday, on May, 8th, the newspaper reprint for May, 9th, 1945 has been placed. Now readers had a possibility to learn that did and as celebrated Victory in that day, 65 years ago.

Distributing the newspaper, employees tried to prefer veterans - to eyewitnesses of events of those years. For certain it will be pleasant to them to plunge into past atmosphere. But also the youth has shown interest to a reprint:

- the idea with a reprint very interesting seems To me! I always would like to learn that occurred that day when has sounded hurrah! We have defeated! . What is the ancestors did that spoke... It is good that such possibility, let even through newspapers was gave to me, - speaks   student Maria Gorashova who managed one of copies.

- Thanks for Georgievsky ribbons! - pensioner Elena Bagina speaks. - this year to get a tape was for me the whole problem. And here, just on May, 9th, I have received it! Also I will necessarily tie! After all it is a memory symbol. And I remember!