Rus News Journal

On Red Square Victory Parade

back on Red Square has come to the end Hour biggest for the last years the most grandiose has come to the end for the last years Victory Parade. 13 foreign states have taken part in parade (Great Britain, the USA, France, Poland and the CIS countries) more than 11 thousand military men of Armed forces of Russia, and also. To look at combat material passage on city centre there were thousand Muscovites.

the Most impatient since early morning have gathered near protections along the Tver street and waited, when parade will begin. That it is better to see, many tried to climb on roofs of a car and spetstransporta. The Great bulk of people has gathered around the Triumphal area and the area of the Belarus station as all metro stations located in the centre have been closed on an exit. As a part of the pedestrian smart calculations on Red Square have passed three companies of military men in the form of Great Patriotic War times, soldiers and officers of the countries of an Antihitlerite coalition, a company of a guard of honour of the Army Polish, battalions of the CIS countries, and also military men of the Tamansky and Kantemirovsky brigades, a separate motor-shooting brigade of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, parashjutno - landing regiment VDV. After that on Red Square there were modern fighting vehicles, including, armored cars the Tiger and reconnaissance vehicles Patrol an armored troop-carrier - 80, infantry fighting vehicles BMP - 3, tanks T - 90 and self-propelled artillery installations MSTA - With, fighting vehicles it is antiaircraft - a rocket complex Beech 2 heavy fire-throwing systems TOS - 1, jet systems zalpovogo fire the Tornado and antiaircraft missile systems With - 400.

Besides, for the first time the newest antiaircraft rocket gun complexes have taken part in parade the Armour - 1 Fighting vehicles operatively - a tactical complex Iskander - M   and launchers of a soil rocket complex the Poplar - M . Over Red Square has flown by 127 helicopters and planes of the Air Forces. Their occurrence has called the present delight - people shouted, waved flags, whistled   also shouted hurrah ! Now the human stream in city centre remains same, as well as during parade. People walk, are photographed and wait for concerts.