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Dmitry Medvedev: Great Victory learns us to cherish the peace

On reception all foreign delegations which have arrived on commemorating 65 - letija Victories and veterans of the Great Patriotic War are invited.

- Great victory learns us to cherish the peace, - Dmitry Medvedev at reception opening has declared. - war has shown, to what terrible line can bring claims for world supremacy, attempts of power pressure upon the free people, the sovereign states are how much dangerous. A debt of modern generation - not to admit new global conflicts, to make everything that atmosphere of goodheartedness, cooperation, good neighbourhood became unique in relations between the states. If on the earth does not remain conflicting, there will be no reason for wars. We admire heroism of soldiers which have won for us freedom in far 1945, before those who, without sparing the forces, worked in back and approached happy victorious spring.

According to the president of Russia, the pleasure of a feast is always mixed with bitterness and grief: On fields of battles in back of the enemy and the native earth there were millions courageous and courageous people, - passes RIA Dmitry Medvedev`s words News - Has passed 65 years, but in the Russian cities on - former Eternal fire - a life symbol, a symbol of our memory of the heroic past brightly burns. And year from a year of such monuments becomes not less, and it is more, and it is especially joyful .

the president considers as One of the basic results an inoculation from nazism which has been made to the whole world in Nuremberg, and also in creation of the international structures, capable to provide the world and security of a society .

- Victory in 45 - the m is to year our general victory: good victory over harm, justice over iniquity, - Dmitry Medvedev has underlined, being converted to veterans. - Your destinies became an example and a spiritual support for all subsequent generations. You have executed best of missions of the person on the earth - have presented to people, have presented to all of us sitting at these tables, the world, life and the free country, the free Native land. Thanks you big for it. We love you!

Then the Supreme commander in chief has lifted a toast: For the world on our earth, for health of veterans and for Great Victory! .

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the President has assigned flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown soldier