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New traffic regulations can paralyse Moscow

As reports RIA Novosti news agency, the Federation Council considers on May, 20th the bill of traffic regulations. The author of the project - the former head of GAI Vladimir Fedorov. The Predominant purpose of legislators - to fetch the Russian norms regulating traffic, in correspondence with the European. Therefore instead of 5 categories of vehicles it is offered to enter 13. To drivers can prohibit to use in a legislative order in the winter summer rubber. The main “legal“ difference of new rules consists that the new document becomes the federal act, change which the State Duma (now traffic regulations are confirmed by the government of Russia) can only.

the gear of relationships of transport drivers and insurance companies, and also division of authorities will be registered In the law on traffic adjustment between subjects of the power. In case of accepting of the new law, the city authorities will be responsible for traffic jams, and car-care centres will bear financial and a criminal liability for condition of cars which they repaired.

It is offered to reduce a motion top speed in settlements with 60 to 50 km/h, but to permit to receive the drivers licence from 16 years.

the greatest interest is called by law chapter 10 - «Medical providing of traffic». In this chapter will be registered not only questions of obtaining of the rights, but also tolerance questions to particular kinds of vehicles on medical parametres, tolerance questions to control of machine after road accident or after deprivation of the rights, that is the whole complex of the constant control of condition of the driver.

some positions of this law already call the sharp criticism at automobile legal experts and lawyers. The chairman of Inter-regional public organisation of motorists “Freedom in choosing“ Vyacheslav Lysakov is perplexed, why developers of the law almost completely ignored the questions linked to passing of inspection and training of drivers. Lysakov and the proposal on reduction of a high speed mode in cities and age reduction from which it is possible to get into the car criticises.

«if decelerate to 50 km/h, that, for example, in Moscow sets in a complete stupor», - he is assured. In its judgement, on such mains as the Kutuzovsky prospectus or the Third transport thimble, speed, on the contrary, should be increased.« And to increase security - it is necessary to plot more than underground transitions », - he told. With 18 till 16 years Lysakov considers reduction of age premature.

many legal experts, making comments on the new legislative leadership, believe that in case of accepting the new bill unties hands to representatives of the State traffic inspectorate owing to what corruption increases by an order on roads also even more.