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Look in both: racers Ô-1 tested " Ferrari mountain "

As the poet told, “dead in a coffin peacefully sleep, life use living“, as not priminuli to make racers from formulicheskoj the Ferrari teams invited in Abu-Dhabi where opening of park of attractions of Ferrari World took place, before the head of the government put aside because of death Arabian emiratov - sheikh Sagra Mohammed Al-Kashimis bin.

“test pilots“ of one of the most fascinating attractions, in our country referred to as, and in the USA - “Russian“ zooms, eminent racers from Ferrari stable - Felipe Weight and Fernando Alonso who did not refuse thrills at testing of the promptest in the world of “line“ of an attraction became “American.

eminent sportsmen obviously received from entertainment not smaller pleasure, than from races that is quite definitely read on their persons.

we remind that in a past week-end in Abu-Dhabi the new champion of“ royal races “was determined. The young racer of Austrian command Red Bull, for the first time in the sports career the won honourable title became them.