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Car inspectors got acquainted with Father Frost besides its desire

As practice shows, criminal elements do not doze even in holiday days. Moreover, criminals for “masking“ use New Years attributes of what Novosibirsk car inspectors were convinced, whose “client“ unexpectedly appeared quite kind in appearance the fantastic character who with impatience is waited by children, but at all did not expect the cashier of one of local mollov.

the Robbery happened in the large store trading building materials. Dressed up in Father Frost costume the gangster under the threat of fire-arms demanded from the operators of cash desk preparing a revenue to collection, to return it money. In total at its order it appeared about five and a half millions roubles.

receiving the solid sum, the gangster jumped out for shop doors on street and tried to disappear, but at doors of store the package with money was tore and from it on snow denominations &ndash fell down; about 800 thousand roubles. The criminal was it was took by their assembly, however, noticing that it is pursued by the armed security guards of store, continued flight. However, far it was not possible to escape – in semikilometer from “false“ Father Frost occurrence location braided crew of traffic police driving by.

by a consequence it is installed that the shop robbery has been glided in advance. It was found out that the robber acted not one, to make armed assault to it the manager of store helped: he told to the criminal about an arrangement of rooms in premises of a hypermarket and gave an electronic room key in which workers of store considered a revenue.