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Lada Kalina and Lada Priora refuse from " a bench hammer " not soon

At least year, and even to more flag models of the Volga car factory by which the mast head place in the future grocery rule of AUTOVAZ is retracted, it is necessary to go with transmission which has been installed on the first cars of the enterprise which have descended from the conveyor over forty years ago.

AUTOVAZ starts completing of machines manufactured by factory by automatic transmissions at all next year. On cars Lada Kalina and Lada Priora the automatic transmission appears only in the summer of 2012, head of a motorcar giant Igor Komarov on air of a radiostation “television VAZ“ reported.

As he said, preparing for project starting on production Lada Kalina and Lada Priora from an automatic transmission takes about 18-20 months. Thus Mosquitoes marked that the automatic transmission of the Japanese company of Nissan entering in figure of strategic partners of the enterprise will be installed.

the Head of AUTOVAZ also told that a sedan of economy class Lada Granta “in real“ present the public on ÌÌÀÑ-2011 which will traditionally be opened in the end of the next summer.

meanwhile future hedlajner a renovated grocery rule of AUTOVAZ - low-cost Lada Granta which start of extension is scheduled on the end of 2011, becomes the owner of advanced technologies first in our country which until now are not used by any domestic motor-car manufacturer. For the first time option Electronic Stability Program as which supplier company Bosh, since 2009 together with the Volga motorcar giant implementing in Russia the security program acts enters in equipment of the car developed in our country.

the electronic righting system of yaw direction stability which helps to prevent car drift in critical situations, was until recently an option accessible only on expensive models. Since January, 2016 its availability becomes obligatory in all machines.

Bjudetnyj car Lada Granta constructed on platform Lada Kalina, urged to replace on the conveyor of AUTOVAZ “classics“ - Lada 2105/07. It is planed that the company will manufacture three models low-cost - a sedan, hetchbek and the versatile person. Starting price Lada Granta constitutes from 220 thousand roubles.