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Test drive of Mazda 6 Sedan Sport: memoirs on lilac summer

How people choose colour at car purchasing? On this thought me pushed Lilac silver metallic – gentle lilac or light-violet (as it it is pleasant to whom) in which the body new Mazda 6 has been coloured.

Colour in life of everyone plays large role, for example, creates mood. If you are melancholic or on a formal reception with a certain dress-code, your colour gamma will be mainly dark. If at you cheerful mood or you simply very creative person – from your colour stain it is possible to expect everything – a matter of taste. But the main thing, it is possible to interchange it easily. So happens to clothes. Colour of the machine is constant, that is why its selection is the whole history … the Black-and-white classics, red – the most safe, but on the fan, green – « for teapots » silvery – multiple-purpose that is why the most popular that got – for second-hand and so on.

Besides, that I saw an exterior of that sixth Mazda with very indicative design, before me unusual, rare and very attractive colour of painting of a body began to shine. Imagine, moderately « rolled » sides, the minimum gaps between kuzovnymi details, slanting lines of coaming stays and the wedge-shaped cowling finished by the chromeplated lath falshradiatornoj of a grating with already habitual shildikom in the form of a seagull. A front bumper with head lamps of that new design, the big lower air intake and vertical fog lights in light lilac execution. Invariably there is an image of a Japanese Oriental cherry in colour. In the such I blossom, to be exact colour I conducted fine two weeks of summer, every day being loaded in unique lilac mood.

however, the interior without dependence from a colour score outside, is in Japanese sustained in an official style: black a skin, wood furnish, plastic and silvery chrome. The panel of instruments is simple and clear. A steering wheel with « hotkeys » controls of cruise-control, an audiosystem and an on-board computer, bright red-sine-white « five-copeck coins » the main devices. Unostentatious furnish by a tree in tone of the panel supplements an external aesthetic kind. On the central console under a visor the liquid crystal display, more low two deflectors with the emergency signal button between them, the control block an audiosystem, castors of two-zoned climate control, a key of a preheating of seats and lever MKPP. The design of interior also is constrained – black-black leather seats, and black-black veljurovye inserts in the central part of seats. The light lining of a roof and silvery inserts of the chromeplated furnish supplement classics of black-and-white gamma.

the version a sedan, perhaps, the most popular in the people since the last century. From the point of view of security, variances between a sedan, hetchbekom and the versatile person are not present. Such variance exists only between pickings and producers. You should choose only that is more to liking. If the car has enough high level of security the versatile person, the sedan or hetchbek - has no value. To significant difference I would attribute unless spaciousness. For example, wagon it is possible to find room for a two-metre mattress into Mazda 6 - 1926 mms of a length and 1310 mms of breadth at folded rear seats allow. In hetchbeke at other equal 1879 mms of a length to backs of seats of 1 number on 1360 mms of breadth. And here in a sedan the luggage section is wider – the whole 1500 mms. However capabilities of addition of the second row of seats it is not provided – not that purpose. In interior of a place it is a lot of and with comfort five persons can take place. As to load, polzujte 519 litres of a baggage compartment on the discretion. However, and it is a lot of - I went in (by the way, interaxle distance of a length of a lateral shelf of a car with reserved seats only 1747 mms).

Under a cowling all is compact – such feature allows legs of the driver and passengers to be drawn out without dependence from growth and a length. Engineers of Mazda are proud of that of 1079 mms, and 947 mms sitting in the second number give the chance to passengers of the first row to have a length of legs.

as to the power unit in sports picking it appeared for me unexpectedly bright. Despite that in tjagovo-speed characteristics appears not impressing 9,9 seconds of boost to 100 km/h, the sensation of speed and ease at me were embodied brightly enough. At boost, a car « jumps out » from under you as the horse zealous, at speeds is operated easily and it is manoeuvred easy. As a whole – without censures. Very in detail about pluses and minuses of sixth Mazda I already wrote in test drive of Mazda 6 Wagon.

In the tested version on a cowling hid 2 litre MZR in a combination from a 6-step check point. Top speed with such motor of 214 km/h, a maximum power of the car of 147 horsepowers. The commixed fuel rate thus by results of fortnight travel across Moscow and vesjam, and it has been passed more than one and a half thousand in km, constituted 8,9 litres on 100 km.

cost – an important detail against which in selection each buyer first of all leans. Sports versions of the sixth sedan of Mazda are offered for today in a basic set in a band from 852 to 891 thousand roubles. Expensively? Considering the complete set of Japanese base in which there is everything, well or nearly so all – quite well. As among competitors (under similar characteristics of volume and an engine output, transmission, boost and a top speed) appear Toyota Avensis - from 1 289 000., Honda Accord – from 1 059 050., Ford Mondeo – from 873 000 rivers, VW Passat – from 1 121 391 rivers

Edition thanks the company « Mazda Rus » and personally Oleg Zadorozhnogo for the granted car.

a photo gallery of Mazda 6 Sedan Sport